Rim cleaner, aluminum rim spray & rim wax

Washing, cleaning, caring for & sealing rims and tires with Swissvax.

Restoring tire shine with professional cleaning agents, rim brushes, and rim cleaners

With the Swissvax products for rim cleaning, aluminum rims, chrome rims, steel rims, and also matte-painted or powder-coated rims can be cleaned and sealed.

We also offer suitable products for sensitive surfaces. Especially for classic cars with whitewall tires, different care and cleaning agents are needed to restore cleanliness and shine.

With the Swissvax Autobahn rim wax, you can protect your rim from dirt, salt, brake dust, and other environmental influences in the long term, thus preserving the shine of the rim. Contaminants can be easily rinsed off.

Proper care of tires and rims

For proper and thorough cleaning of the rims and subsequent sealing, proceed as follows:

Spray our rim cleaner Wheel Spray Forte on the rims and distribute the liquid with the Wheel rim brush.

For cleaning the rim bed, also use Wheel Spray Forte and either the Speed Master Combo rim brushes or the Wheel Woolies. Both sets allow you to reach the most difficult areas of the rim.

Once the rim cleaner has turned purple, it can be rinsed off with clear water and/or wiped off with our yellow Micro-Wash microfiber cloth. The rims can then be dried with a Micro-Dry drying cloth.

To prevent rapid re-soiling (especially in winter), a sealant with PTFE-containing Autobahn wax is recommended. For this, the rims are thinly coated with wax and wiped off with the blue Micro-Polish microfiber cloth.

So that the tires do not feel neglected, they get nourishment and shine with our tire care Pneu, sprayed or specifically applied with the Pneu brush or the anthracite hand puck. This tire shine makes the difference!

Cleaning whitewall tires

For all whitewall tire owners, we recommend cleaning with Pneu White for a pristine white appearance! For subsequent shine, our tire care Pneu is sprayed on, which is also suitable for whitewall tires.